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Season #3:  All of  the on screen moments we see of John and Mary alone in their apartment. 
Being a couple.



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reporter: are sherlock and john in love with each other?






mary didn’t shoot sherlock because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and discovered her secret and she didn’t shoot him because there was even a remote threat that he’d find out about her past on his own and out him because oh my god sherlock was slow, he wasn’t even fucking LOOKING, you guys, he was not a threat, he wasn’t, until mary had to sit through that fucking conversation in the lab, the one where it’s barely BARELY subtext that john is MISERABLE married to her and DESPERATELY in love with Sherlock and SHERLOCK SEES IT and BILLY THE WIG SEES IT and FUCKING MARY MORSTAN SEES IT and if you think Mary the super duper fucking spy stood in that room and didn’t know EXACTLY what was going on then you don’t understand anything about her, she knew, and it was clear then that Sherlock was a threat, and not because of his detective skills, no, HA, no, not all, he was a threat to her hold on John Watson that needs to maintain for whatever fucking mystery reason there is, moran, moriarty, god only knows who or what or why but that day, that morning she realizes i have no chance holding on and completing this assignment with sherlock holmes around because that man, right there, john watson most certainly does not love me enough to get this done, so lo and behold, she’s at magnussen’s THE VERY SAME NIGHT sherlock and john are and very neatly takes care of sherlock, right through the heart, and it all goes according to plan … until he fuckin pulls through

and if you don’t realize this face is because her entire plan to salvage the situation has fallen through and she’s got to figure out what to do next, then you don’t get anything and I’m really sorry to be so aggressive about this, but holy shit, this is it, this is mary morstan

Johnlock + are you sure you’re not flirting (Part 9 / ?)


Another three episodes. Another series finished. Another set of surprises. Another cliffhanger.

As is to be expected, fans have been going wild, theories have been spreading like wildfire, and conversation is roaring.

I have a few theories of my own, and after a few rewatches, I’m ready to lay them all out. I’m going to try to lay them out chronologically so that you can consider them as and when you rewatch the episode, but some jumping about will be necessary.

So, here we go:

THESES: The woman we know as Mary Morstan was in cahoots with Moriarty. Sherlock was lying about trusting her. Mycroft saved Sherlock’s life.

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*bangs head against wall*


I believe I am in need of medical attention.

believe I am your doctor.

  #look at sherlock and mary    #they know about john and sholto   

Oh they so know. 


This has to be an allusion to the end game of John and Sherlock retiring together